Add subtitles to your videos in over 120 languages.

Subtitling is often used as a more cost-effective alternative to voice over when translating a video. It can also be a better option when wanting to translate a video that has multiple people speaking throughout. ETS can work with almost any video format on various types of applications. Whether you require the implementation of SubRip Subtitle (SRT) files or the creation and implementation of SRT files, ETS can help. Our team can manage any subtitling project, from transcribing the audio to creating the SRT files and implementing them into the source video format.

When undertaking a subtitling project, ETS offers our clients the option of having the audio transcribed verbatim or non-verbatim to create a script which then can be translated into over 120 languages. Once the script has been translated, ETS’s graphic design team will create SRT files which then will be burned into the original video file.

Utilizing in-country translators for subtitling projects is imperative. Once the subtitles have been implemented into the video file, the video file is sent back to the translator who translates the script into a foreign language. The translator will review the video to ensure the subtitles are being displayed at the appropriate time and are aesthetically pleasing.

Subtitling Process


  1. Client Request: The client sends a video file to ETS that requires subtitling.
  2. Transcription: ETS’s transcription team transcribes the spoken text in the video and creates a time stamped script.
  3. Translation: The script is run through our 3-step translation process called “Translation, Revising, and Proofreading” and can be translated into over 120 languages.
  4. Graphic Design: The translated script is then given to our graphic design team to create SubRip Subtitle (SRT) files.
  5. Implementation: The SRT files are then burned into the original video file.
  6. Quality Assurance: The subtitled video file is sent back to the in-country translator for final review.
  7. Delivery: ETS then delivers the finalized subtitled project back to the client via a secure portal.


Your language needs are unique. You need a partner who has the knowledge and experience to work with you to develop a solution for your translation requirements.